Environmental protection

No idle talk at Jura Guss

Environmental Protection is a meaningful topic at Jura Guss and is no idle talk. We set great store by training our employees in this field. They are motivated by (giving them) regular information about environmental awareness.

Regarding all kinds of points of environment, we work together with our contracting partners and authorities openly. We work out emergency plans for environmental critic activities and processes which are not avoidable according to the level of technology. Furthermore, necessary organisational measures are close to avoid accidentely caused disposals of substances or energy.

The continual improvement of all of our processes is a fixed part of the company‘s philosophy. With our certified environmental management system (DIN EN ISO 14001) we have created the conditions to push our environmental objectives. This will further strenghten the confidence of our customers, employees, and residents.

One concrete example: the amin washer

Jura Guss applies an amin washer successfully. The washing of amin is a frequently used chemical process to seperate carbondioxide, hydrosulfide and further acid gases (consisting of gas mixtures).

The term is used because light alkaline watery solutions of amines are applied, which absorb the acid gases reversibly. In a subordinated process the acid gas is thermically seperated again from the amine and regained amine is applied for washing.