Entkernen, Sägen, Schleifen, Strahlen, Wärmebehandlung

Fettling Shop

The fettling shop department is responsible for the comprehensive post treatment of the raw casted parts.

First of all the cluster of castings are decored, separated, and freed from metal residues. Thereafter, the surface of the casting is cleaned. The final inspection of this products is 100%.

In order to improve the material properties a heat treatment can be made according to T5, T6, or T7.

With the in-house fettling shop, we have deliberately decided against the general industry trend of outsourcings. The installed capacities ensure that customers‘ orders are fulfilled quickly and reliably. They are a core competence with regard to know-how and quality.


Technical equipment:

  • Automatic decoring maschinery
  • Band saws
  • CNC controlled sawing maschines and fettling maschinery
  • Belt grinders
  • Fine grinding maschinery
  • Blasting plants
  • Automatic heat treatment plant for T5, T6, T7
  • 100 % final quality inspection